2016 Finalists

Live Action

1st Place & Best in Show Isa Maxey, Eastern Tech "Relationships Sink"

2nd Place Andrew Benson, Carver Center "I'm Not Alone"

3rd Place Lyle Drescher, Franklin High "A Passion for Espionage"

Honorable Mention Connor Twohy, Carver Center "Clones"


1st Place Alex Burke Carver Center "Heart of a city"

2nd Place Emily McCown Lansdowne High "I am Creativity"

3rd Place Sohei Matsui Towson High "Dance craze"

Honorable Mention Faith Christopher Lansdowne High "Lansdowne Needs a New School"


1st Place Damien Remmell Hereford "Krump up the Funk"

2nd Place Zachary Westra Hereford "Field Trip"

3rd Place Nicole Hutch, Towson High "Vanishing Act"

3rd Place Western School of Tech "Smart Phone Incident"

Honorable Mention William Kraft Hereford "Phantom Feelings"


1st Place Marie S. Panday Carver Center "Downfall"

2nd Place Emmett Hallameyer Hereford High "Zombies and Humans"

2nd Place Adriana Lobel Carver "Drift"

3rd Place Justin Ciemian "The Bureau of Health" Hereford High

Honorable Mention Liam Dietle, Parkville High "Journey"


1st Place Elizabeth Ryan "Eye" Carver

2nd Place Park Dasom, "Night" Carver

3rd Place Alyssa Keller, "Frame" Hereford

Honorable Mention Sara Franks, "Storyboard" Western


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