2017 Finalists

Live Action

1st Place & Best in Show Vinny Sacchetti, “For Sale”

2nd Place Katie Mlinek, “Where I Used to Live”

3rd Place Indy Baskar, “Grow Up”

Honorable Mention Sienna Fink, “Noir et rouge”



1st Place Regina Wren, “Poncho”

2nd Place Kyle Umstead and Teriah Campbell, "Our Sunshine"

3rd Place Chris Harding, "Ellicott City Strong"


Honorable Mention Zachary Gambrill, "Resurface"


1st Place Gage Mellon, “Animosity” 

2nd Place Zachary Westra, “Tapped”

3rd Place Will Kraft, “Dollars Down”

Honorable Mention Sohei Matsui, “Boo Tube Stars”


1st Place Uriel Artiaga, “Moments”

2nd Place Matthan Teves, “Juice”

3rd Place Sullivan Burget, “Harbinger”


Honorable Mention Emily McCown, “In the Sheets”

Middle School

1st Place Jane Nwachukwu, “Griffin’s Gold”

2nd Place Stemmers Run (Laniaya Norris, Mason Hedges, Marcus Ballard, Ireti Aladeseyi, Blake Bolger, Haylei Vest, Sophie Harrington, Alyssa Kelly), “Dream Day”

3rd Place Katlyn Burke, “Party Sleeper”

Honorable Mention Zef'rah Ochoa, Rylee Wolfe, Madison Blubaugh, “What Once was Lost, Now is Found”


1st Place Arianna Stearns

2nd Place Brittany Holt

3rd Place Phoebe Kurniawan

Honorable Mention (4-way tie): Emily Schloer, Zakiyyah Green, Seamus Carton, Haley Mabe.


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