Now accepting submissions for the 2018 BCPS Film Expo. Please click the button to fill out the form for your submission.

Submit Video

As a reminder, there are two parts to the submission process, one that requires a YouTube link and the other that you will share the larger film file via Microsoft 365 (free for all BCPS employees and students with unlimited storage space). Here are instructions on how to access your 365 account, upload and share your documents:

  • Follow this link to the 365 login page:
  • Sign in using your BCPS login Credentials.
  • Save your video file in the following format: category_lastname.firstname_grade_school
  • Upload your video content to the ONE DRIVE App located on the 365 home page after logging in.
  • Share your video link with

If you have trouble with the second submission portion, please E-mail: (a tutorial video will also be made available on the website shortly), but the worst case scenario is that we can use your compressed YouTube file so please make sure you have at least completed the first part of your submission process. Can't wait to see all your hard work! (and thank you to those who have already submitted).

Brandon Nicklas
BCPS Film Expo Coordinator


Each school may submit a total of 5 films and 5 Gifs. Film submission categories include:

  • Live Action Narrative
  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Experimental
  • Gifs
  • Timeline

  • October 20th, 2017: Call for entries
  • December 22nd, 2017: School registration deadline
  • Feb 9th, 2018: Submission deadline
  • TBA: Finalist notification
  • April 12th, 2018: Film Screening and Award Ceremony

  • Formatting Requirements

    When making the film, students are encouraged to film using the DCP format where possible to ensure maximum image quality for projection at the Senator Theater.

  • All entries must be submitted for judging via YouTube.
  • Films selected for final presentation at the awards event must also be formatted in DCP format.
  • Submission Requirements

  • Film Categories include: Live action Narrative, Documentary, Animation or Experimental
  • Each school may submit 5 films total, plus 5 animated gifs per school (films may all be in one submission category or a variety of categories)
  • All film content must conform to the BCPS code of ethics and standards of acceptable use and propriety.
  • Films shall be no longer than 10 minutes running time.
  • Film submission should be done via YouTube (follow the resources tab from main menu to see a tutorial on how to upload a video link in YouTube).
  • Students wishing to participate in the film expo must register through a sponsoring art teacher. This document helps event organizers gauge the level of interest and commitment to the project. Actual film submissions must be accompanied by the BCPS Film Expo Submission Form.
  • If submitting a group project involving multiple students, one person must be designated as the film director in order to register the group project.
  • The preferred method for film registration is to register here, but the form can also be downloaded and completed here and typed responses can be submitted via email or fax to:
    Brandon Nicklas
    Lansdowne High
    Phone #: 410-887-1415
    Fax #: 410-887-1461
  • Acceptable Use and Copyright Policies

    All film content must comply with BCPS code of ethics as articulated in the student handbook (, in accordance with BCPS policies and rules (, and adhere to the BCPS Character Development Objectives. These policies should be adaptively interpreted and applied to any film submission.

    Films that depicts any of the following will not be considered for the exposition:
    1. Depicts messages that are lewd, vulgar, obscene, plainly offensive, violent, sexually explicit, or that refer to items that are illegal in general or illegal specifically for underage students.
    2. Promotes use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal or harmful products.
    3. Contains sexually suggestive messages.
    4. Depicts gang affiliation.
    5. Causes or is likely to cause a substantial or material disruption to school activities or to the orderly and safe operation of the school or at school-sponsored activities.
    6. Contains rude, disrespectful, or discourteous expressions inconsistent with civil discourse and behavior.

    *In some instances, if the purpose/vison of a film is to directly address or investigate these issues, some content may be allowable on a case by case analysis (for example, a documentary that depicts the prevalence of gang affiliation in high schools, or a live-action feature that seeks to addresses bullying). In any such questionable instance, The BCPS Film Expo committed reserves the right to remove any film from the exposition determined to be in violation of the BCPS code of ethics.

    The Right of Free Speech and Expression (student handbook p. 25)
  • Students have the right to freedom of speech, religion, and peaceful assembly, but speech and behavior that is disruptive can be prohibited. Students' right to prepare written communication for school-sponsored publications is subject to the reasonable restrictions of school authorities that are based on legitimate educational concerns.
  • Students' right to distribute literature is subject to school authorities having the right to restrict the time, place, and manner of such activities to maintain the orderly operation of schools.
  • Students' right to assemble is subject to school authorities setting reasonable limits regarding the time, place, and manner in which students may assemble.
  • Students have the right to symbolic forms of expression to the extent that the symbolic expressions do not substantially disrupt school activities.

  • The Responsibility of Free Speech and Expression (student handbook p. 25)
  • Students are responsible for controlling their conduct while exercising their rights to expression. Students' expressions can neither infringe upon the rights of others nor disrupt the classroom or school procedures.
  • Students are responsible for recognizing the rights of others to have opinions that may differ from their own.

  • Copyright and plagiarism (student handbook pg. 14) Academic dishonesty is considered a category I offense in BCPS and may result in exclusion from extracurricular activities and suspension. All content in film submissions must comply with BCPS policies of academic honesty and be the property of the artist. Any copy written material, including musical scores and songs, must be obtained with author's permission inclusion in a film. Students may refer to the film expo website "resources" tab for links to open source material that can be used.

    Character Development Objectives
    Character development is an important element of Baltimore County Public Schools' continuous school improvement process. Character development is to be included in all instructional programs for all students. The modeling of good character is expected of all staff and students because it is a powerful means of developing and reinforcing positive character in schools. Students who exhibit good character contribute to safe and orderly schools, student achievement, and positive student and staff morale (Board of Education Policy and Superintendent's Rule 5510).
    Character development includes the study and practical application of ethics and codes of conduct acceptable for society. It provides opportunities to develop skills necessary to determine right from wrong, understand consequences, and make appropriate choices. Developing good character should be an ongoing process. The following are Baltimore County Public Schools' character objectives:
    1. To develop the wisdom and good judgment to make reasoned decisions.
    2. To develop a sense of justice that is informed by fairness, honesty, and civility.
    3. To develop and demonstrate respect for self, respect for others, and respect for property.
    4. To demonstrate tolerance and understanding of others regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, national origin, religion, creed, socioeconomic status, marital status, pregnancy, personal record, sexual orientation, or political belief.
    5. To demonstrate compassion for others through the development of empathy, kindness, and service.
    6. To demonstrate discipline and responsibility by exhibiting self-control and the willingness to admit mistakes and correct them.
    7. To develop a positive attitude that reflects hope, enthusiasm, flexibility, and appreciation.
    8. To demonstrate pride in oneself and others by doing the best for self, family, school, and community and by respecting the achievements of others.
    9. To exhibit personal and academic integrity through honesty, expressing beliefs in appropriate ways, and working to one's full potential.

    Scope Of Authority
    This code of student conduct applies to all students enrolled in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS). The provisions of this policy apply in all situations in which students are involved, including:
    1. While participating in school-sponsored activities or events regardless of whether the activity or event takes place on or off school property or occurs during regular instructional hours, while being transported to and from school or school-sponsored activities.
    2. A student may also be subject to disciplinary responses when he or she commits an act or acts away and apart from school and school property that can be shown to pose a threat or danger to the safety of other students, staff, or school property and/or when the act or acts prevent(s) the orderly delivery of the instructional program at school (Board of Education Policy 5550).DEN